Twelve Slays of Christmas: A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery - Jacqueline Frost

When Holly White returns home to her family's Christmas tree farm to mend her broken heart, she never dreamed that she'd be helping solve a murder just 12 days before Christmas. The excitement of the Reindeer Games has the towns people excited, except those that have had a run in with Margaret Fenwick. Holly never expected to find Margaret's dead body just outside of the farm with one of her father's tree stacks used as the murder weapon, now she finds herself a prime suspect in the crime along with her parents and farm employees. Holly is determined more than ever to take the suspicion off of her and those close to her by finding the identity of the real killer. The author brings the town of Mistletoe to life as we travel around from the cafe and around the farm. The characters are fantastic and make you feel like you are visiting with old friends. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Crooked Lane Books.