The Whole Thing Together - Ann Brashares

Ray and Sasha share a room in the family house in the Hamptons and share the same three older sisters Emma, Quinn, and Mattie but they have never met. Ray's mom was married to Sasha's dad and they had three daughters than they got divorced and then went on to remarry and have Ray and Sasha. This summer things are changing for them and their sisters. Their interests are starting to change, they don't care about their old shared books or shell collection in their shared room anymore. Mattie is falling in love with Matt and hopes he feels the same way about her. Emma is trying to figure out how to introduce her boyfriend James to the family. Quinn wants to figure out where she comes from and where she now belongs. After Ray and Sasha start corresponding through e-mail they start to winder if there can be anything romantic between them with so much family between th two of them. I got an advanced copy of this book from