Death by Eggnog (A Bookstore Cafe Mystery) - Alex Erickson

Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki Patterson are the co-owners of Death By Coffee a combo coffee/bookstore in the town of Pine Hills, Ohio. When Krissy's plans to spend Christmas with her dad are changed, she finds herself staying in town getting to spend the holiday with her boyfriend Will Foster. Vicki still wants Krissy to take her scheduled vacation. Which gets her volunteered by store regular Rita to fill in for a sick elf in the Community Theater's Christmas musical. When the man playing Santa Claus is found murdered after a public fight with Robert Dunhill, Krissy's ex-boyfriend he becomes the #1 suspect for the crime. Robert's girlfriend Trisha begs Krissy to help prove his innocence to the police. Krissy is convinced the police have the wrong person in jail, so with her love of snooping and investigating she decides to help find the real killer. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Kensington Books.