Death of Riley

Death of Riley - Rhys Bowen Molly Murphy has at last begun to forget the unpleasant murder of the would-be rapist who she killed in self defense back in Ireland, along with her investigation into the murder of a fellow Irish immigrant, and she's finally free to begin her new life in New York City. Given her experiences Molly has decided to become a private investigator, a people finder of sorts, working for families in Europe who've lost touch with relatives in America. Not only will this put some food on her table, but also hook the handsome NYPD police captain Daniel Sullivan, and she has visions of lots of opportunities to seek out his counsel in her new profession.

Paddy Riley is a tough old Cockney p.i. who specializes in divorce work, and with a little persuasion from Molly he's ready to take her on as an apprentice. It's not exactly as she had imagined, but she plans to make the most of it. That is, until she goes into work one day and finds her world turned upside down and all expectations for her professional life suddenly up in the air.

Before long, Molly sets off on a journey that'll take her through the back alleys of Manhattan and into the bars and lounges of the literary scene, where she spends her time with writers, actors, poets, and musicians. It's an eye-opening experience for innocent young Molly, but she's determined to find out exactly what happened in the office of Paddy Riley that day. Armed with nothing more than her fiery will and matching wild red hair, Molly has no idea of the danger her pursuit may bring into her life.

The mystery is well paced and has elements of adventure, danger, and suspense all mixed together into the plot. The author does a nice job describing New York City in the early twentieth century and what life was like during that time. This book has two mysteries that are connected to each other in a surprising way. The author does a good job of weaving the factual assassination of President McKinley into the books fictional plot line.

I liked the addition of the characters of Sid, Gus, and Ryan I hope we get to see more of them in the next books. I do not like Nula or her rowdy family and I hope that we don't have to read too much about them in the next book of the series. I would also like to see Molly and Daniel get back together since they seem to balance wach other out.