Out of Circulation

Out of Circulation - Miranda James Charlie Harris has joined the Friends of the Library board just is time to help plan this year’s library Christmas fundraiser gala. That means staying out of way of the feud between Vera Cassity and the Ducote sisters Miss An’gel and Miss Dickcee. It seems no one in town really cares for Vera, even Charlie’s housekeeper, Azalea, seems to have it out for her. At the gala Charlie begins to understand why, no one ever taught Vera that “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” She had a few nasty arguments with almost everyone at the gala that night, and one of these arguments happens to be her last. While Vera wasn't the life of the party but her death turns the party upside down. She's found dead by Azalea who was standing over her body. Charlie knows there's more to the story so with a bit of help his loyal feline sidekick Diesel, he sets out to catch the killer before an innocent person goes to jail for the crime.

I have enjoyed watching the relationship between Charlie and and his children Sean and Laura, grow and become stronger as they each live their own lives while living together. This is a well plotted with a few red herrings dropped in here and there. There's also a mini-mystery within the main mystery that deals with a long lost family secret. I like that Diesel doesn't have psychic powers, he's just a sensitive cat that like many pets he's able to bring moments of levity to a difficult time. I also like that Charlie's circle of local friends and family has grown since the first book, but Diesel is still number one in his book.