Bad Housekeeping: An Agnes and Effie Mystery

Bad Housekeeping: An Agnes and Effie Mystery - Maia Chance After Agnes Blythe puts Roger her professor boyfriend through grad school, he dumps her for a yoga instructor. She stomps out of their apartment, without her purse or packing any of her belongings. She's now stuck living with her dad, sleeping in her childhood princess bedroom, and wearing clothes that she wore in high school ten years ago. Then at the library she insults Kathleen Todd, chair of the local historical society. What now? Maybe she'll help her Great Aunt Effie clean out the condemned inn she inherited. Effie only has one week to bring the wiring up to code. Kathleen Todd had blackmailed the local inspector to set a deadline for demolishing the inn, since she wasn't able to buy the inn before Effie inherited. Kathleen remains a troublemaker after Agnes and Effie find her, strangled by her own scarf where it was caught in the wringer of an old washing machine.

Rumors start flying that Agnes and Effie killed the woman. Agnes is smart enough to realize that the killer started the rumors. With Effie's encouragement, Agnes finds her spirit of adventure, and the duo launches their own investigation. One-by-one the people they suspect are being killed. And Effie and Agnes are on the scene to find each body.

The rumors, bodies, and crimes all pile up in mystery. Agnes and Effie are only responsible for some of those. Bad Housekeeping is a funny mystery with a great cast of characters. I got an ARC from netgalley and crooked lane books.