Christmas at the Cupcake Café

Christmas at the Cupcake Café - Jenny Colgan This book picks up a year after the end of Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe. Issy is content, she has a great boyfriend in Austin. She likes living with him and working at her cafe with Pearl and Caroline. She feels adrift from her best friend Helena since Helena had a baby. She still feels happy about things, and one of those things is celebrating Christmas.

Pretty much everyone in this follow-up has problems. I really liked Austin in the last book, he found himself attracted to Issy and was also raising his brother Darny. Darny is a jerk. Austin seems to let him run wild, and when Darny's general behavior gets him in trouble at school, no one tells Darny off or grounds him, or acts like an adult. Austin had a personality transplant, at times acting more like Issy's ex. When a job opportunity pops up for him to move to New York, he just cts oblivious to what this means to Issy. When she and Darny arrive in New York the whole book goes sideways, He acts like a jerk and is very annoyed when Issy just doesn't see how great New York is.

Now on to Pearl. She's letting her ex come around whenever he wants to as she's acting jealous at a love interest that seems to care for someone else. Instead of being a grown up and not putting her life on hold for her son Louis in order to maintain that her ex is not a reliable human being. I hated how things ended with this character.

I wish the character of Caroline had found a way yo disappear in this book. I hated how she acted, and what she said to the other characters.

And finally we get to Issy. I was upset how everyone acted like Issy was to give up her dreams that make her happy, so she can keep her man.

I almost every other character in this book was not as well developed as they were in the first book.
The writing wasn't on point in this sequel. The pace wasn't as smooth as in the first book. This story jumped from plot to plot and seemed to come to a stop when we would go from Issy, to Austin, and to Pearl.

I really hated the ending.