What Light

What Light - Jay Asher Sierra's family owns a Christmas tree farm in Oregon, and she has spent the month before Christmas in California. This means that she has had to leave her friends behind, but luckily, her friend Heather has been waiting in California.

At the beginning it is quickly established that this might be Sierra's last year in California. The business is not doing well, and manning the Christmas tree lot in California is not making enough money. Knowing that there may not be a next year, Sierra decides to put all in and enjoy her possibly last California-Christmas.

When Caleb shows up again and again and keeps purchasing trees from the lot, Sierra gets curious. Then she hears a rumor about Caleb's past. Is this a guy she should be spending time with? Can she see past Caleb's history and give him a chance?

The events take place way too fast and the supporting characters seem to be one-dimensional and underdeveloped. The drama about Caleb's past feels very rushed.