Bearly Departed (A Teddy Bear Mystery)

Bearly Departed (A Teddy Bear Mystery) - Meg Macy I got an ARC of this book from netgalley and Kensington Publishing.

Sasha Silverman is busy running her family owned business the Silver Bear Shop and Factory. The company's sales rep Will Taylor is discussing some major changes at the factory that include some staff cuts, and sending the manufacturing over seas. Tempers are boiling over and Sasha or her sister Maddie can't seem to get in touch with their parents.

When the sisters discover Will's body in the bear factory, everyone becomes a suspect in his murder. The cop's main suspect is the girl's Uncle Ross but Sasha isn't buying that for a minute. No matter how angry Ross gets he would never kill anyone.. When Sasha launche her own investigation into the murder she discovers that Will had quite a number of enemies.

The story has an interesting premise with interesting characters, with a storyline that is intriguing and captivating.