Review of Bad Neighbors (An Agnes & Effie Mystery #2)

Bad Neighbors - Maia Chance

Bad Neighbors (An Agnes & Effie Mystery #2)Bad Neighbors by Maia Chance
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It’s leaf-peeping season in Naneda, New York, and Agnes Blythe has settled into helping her Great Aunt Effie restore the Stagecoach Inn. It seems nothing can shatter the golden idyll or the kaching of cash registers until a mechanic at Hatch Automotive is found bludgeoned to death with a wrench.
Sweeping into action, Agnes and Effie are on the scene, when a tourist laden motor coach breaks down outside of town. The Stagecoach Inn isn’t really ready for guests, but Agnes and Effie agree to take in a group of seniors while they wait for repairs to be done on the motor coach. Agnes finds herself being pulled into the investigation when she learns her boyfriend, Otis Hatch, is the Naneda Police Department’s prime suspect. With bodies falling faster than the leaves off of the trees, Agnes must leaf through the viable suspects and clear Otis’s name of murder.

The mystery is full of twists and and red herrings with some humor thrown in to help break up some of the more intense situations. The main characters are well written, well developed, and believable which makes them lifelike. The gaggle of senior citizens help bring some comic relief as they follow Agnes and Effie around town, even helping the two investigate the murders. The author describes the characters and scenes in the book so nicely that you can imagine what is happening throughout the book.

I like that while Agnes has low self-esteem issues she doesn't let it stop her from trying to find the killer, sometimes in humorous situations with surprising results. The snide comments that Delilah makes to Agnes every time they talk made me take a big disliking to her so I was glad to see she gets her just desserts at the end of the book. I was happy to see that Agnes and Otis made up in the end and decided to give their relationship another chance since they both have strong feelings for each other. Effie giving Agnes an equal share in the inn was nice, it showed Agnes that her aunt believes in her and that she's not a failure in her eyes. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series to see what Agnes and Effie get themselves into.

I got an ARC of this book from netgalley and Crooked Lane Books for my review of the book.

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