Summer Storms: An Amish Summer Novella

Summer Storms: An Amish Summer Novella - Amy Clipston Arianna is engaged to Jesse until one fateful night. After Jesse catches Arianna's brother Tobias drinking Vodka in the bishop's barn and takes the bottle from him and tells him it's time the three of them go home before the rainstorm starts. While Jesse is helping Arianna into his buggy Tobias decides to race Jesse to his family's farm. Jesse and Arianna watch as Tobias flips his buggy while taking a curve to fast on the slick rain covered road. While Jesse stays with Tobias trying to figure out how to get the wrecked buggy home, Arianna drives his buggy home. While getting out of the buggy she finds the vodka bottle thinking that it is Jesse's not knowing that it's Tobias's. After the boys get home with the buggy Arianna's father claims that Jesse is a bad influence on Tobias so he breaks off the engagement between Arianna and Jesse. Jesse now finds himself trying to win the respect of trust on not only Arianna but her father as well. Will Jesse lose the only person he has ever loved or will his love blow over like a storm.