I like reading books from all different genres. I also read ARC from publishers and for my honest reviews.
Journey Back to Christmas: Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie - Leigh Duncan

A WWII era nurse is transported in time to 2016, and meets a man who helps her discover the bonds of family and that the true meaning of Christmas is timeless.  This book is a heartwarming feel good easy read. I got a copy of this book from and Hallmark Publishing.

Purring around the Christmas Tree (A Pawsitively Organic Mystery) - Liz Mugavero

Stan Connor and the residents of Frog Ledge are getting ready for the towns Christmas Celebration, when an unthinkable crime happens Santa Claus has been murdered. The victim is Harold Dewey who replaced Seamus McGee who had always played Santa. When Seamus and his friend Ray can't be reached on their phones or located people start to get worried. Ray's wife takes to her bed then gets drunk at the town pub. Seamus's family figure that he is involved in another get rich quick scheme and he dragged Ray into it. Stan finds herself trying to find Harold's killer and locate Seamus and Ray so that everyone can have a Merry Christmas. There is plenty of action and the plot keeps you engaged with it's twists, turns, and clues.  I got an advanced copy of this from Kensington books through

When the Grits Hit the Fan - Maddie Day

Maddie Day delivers another delicious mystery with When The Grits Hit The Fan. Robbie Jordan is back and she finds herself thrust into another murder mystery. With the help of her friends she will have to figure out all the twists and turns to discover the culprit. I got  a copy of this book from

Mulch Ado about Murder (Local Foods Mystery) - Edith Maxwell

Spring has arrived in Westbury, Massachusetts and it finds organic farmer Cam Flaherty dealing with her parents unexpected visit and worrying about her crops. While making a flat delivery Cam discovers the body of Nicole Kingsbury,the owner of the new hydroponics greenhouse. One of the suspects in the murder is Cam's own mother Deb who was leading a protest against the greenhouse that morning and was seen inside the greenhouse. With the help of her father Will Cam finds herself helping with the investigation to clear her mother;s name. I got an advanced copy of this book from

Eight Is Enough - Tom Braden

This is Tom Braden's story of how life is with his wife Joan and their eight kids. It was the basis for the TV show Eight is Enough. This book is written like Tom is observing how his family revolves around him day to day and then taking notes about his observations. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interaction or conversations between Tom and his kids, he does do a lot of complaining about his 8 kids throughout the book.

Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery - Julie Chase

Julie Chase brings her plot to life with the help of her relatable characters, and her description of the great city of New Orleans. Lacy Crocker is back and fins herself thrust into another murder mystery. When her father is named a person of interest for the murder of his friend after an argument, Lacy knows that she has to help detective Jack Oliver solve the mystery. Lacy also has to help her mother with the organizing of the upcoming National Pet Pageant, all the while deciding if her heart belongs to Jac or Chase. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Crooked Lane books.

Cat Got Your Cash: A Kitty Couture Mystery - Julie Chase

While running her pet boutique Lacy Crocker finds herself thrust into a murder mystery. The plot is full of twists and turns with plenty of humor mixed in. All the characters are well written and help provide so much to the plot. I got an advanced copy of this book from

Death of a Lobster Lover (Hayley Powell Mystery) - Lee Hollis

Hayley and her friends Mona and Liddy are getting away for a girl's weekend in Salmon Cove, Maine. Little do the the three of them know that the weekend comes complete with murder, after Hayley and Liddy discover a dead body on the beach. The well written plot moves along at a nice steady pace. There are some twists and turns in th eplot to keep you guessing until the end, where they come together neatly. The characters are so well developed that they seem lifelike. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Kensington Books.

Body on Baker Street - Vicki Delany

Gemma Doyle and her friend Jayne Wilson are the female versions of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr. Watson. The book plot is well written which makes it difficult, to know who murdered author Renalta Van Markoff inside the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Emporium. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Crooked Lane Books.

Assaulted Caramel (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery) - Amanda Flower

After Bailey King gets a phone call from her grandmother that her grandfather is ill, she rushes from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the quiet and quaint Harvest, Ohio. On her first night staying with her grandparents above their candy shop, Bailey discovers that body of Tyson Colton in the shop's kitchen with her grandfather's chocolate cutting knife sticking out of his chest. After it is discovered that only Bailey's fingerprints are on the knife she is ordered not to leave town since she is now the prime suspect in the murder. Bailey takes it upon herself to clear her name by helping the sheriff's department with the investigation. The author uses plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing as to who committed the murder, while using humor to help keep things light and entertaining. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Kensington Books.

Turkey Trot Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery) - Leslie Meier

Lucy Stone is back and she finds herself involved with not one, not two, but three mysteries. While out running by Blueberry Pond with her dog, Lucy discovers the body of Alison Franklin under the thin ice. Lucy doesn't believe that her death was drug related as the police would have people believe so she starts looking into Alison's personal life and her family. At the same time a well known Hispanic TV chef Rey Rodriguez moves to Tinker Cove to open a new restaurant on the wharf, which has some of the townsfolk turning against the chef and the new restaurant for moving into their space. Shortly after Alison's death her father Ed is found inside his car shot to death during a small group demonstration against Rey for opening a restaurant. The prime suspect fot Ed's death is Matt Rey's son. Shortly after Ed's murder Rey's restaurant is firebombed while Lucy's husband Bill is inside doing construction work. Lucy finds herself dealing with the family emergency, while trying to figure out how the three crimes are related and who committed them and why. Leslie Meier writes characters that are so well individualized that they keep you guessing about who the culprits of the crimes are, and what their true motives are. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Kensington Books.

Death by Eggnog (A Bookstore Cafe Mystery) - Alex Erickson

Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki Patterson are the co-owners of Death By Coffee a combo coffee/bookstore in the town of Pine Hills, Ohio. When Krissy's plans to spend Christmas with her dad are changed, she finds herself staying in town getting to spend the holiday with her boyfriend Will Foster. Vicki still wants Krissy to take her scheduled vacation. Which gets her volunteered by store regular Rita to fill in for a sick elf in the Community Theater's Christmas musical. When the man playing Santa Claus is found murdered after a public fight with Robert Dunhill, Krissy's ex-boyfriend he becomes the #1 suspect for the crime. Robert's girlfriend Trisha begs Krissy to help prove his innocence to the police. Krissy is convinced the police have the wrong person in jail, so with her love of snooping and investigating she decides to help find the real killer. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Kensington Books.

If Not for You: A Novel - Debbie Macomber

Beth Prudhomme has moved from Chicago to Portland hoping to put some space between her and her overbearing mother, and to reconnect with her favorite aunt. Beth gets set up on a blind date with Sam Carney by their friends Nichole and Rocco. The blind date does not go well and both of them leave dinner as soon as they can. While sitting at a red light Sam watches as Beth is broadsided while making a left hand turn by a young girl who was busy texting. Sam gets out of his truck and runs to Beth and hold her hand and talks to her until medical help arrives. Sam visits Beth everyday in the hospital where they slowly start falling in love as they talk and get to know each other. I got a copy of this book from

The Whole Thing Together - Ann Brashares

Ray and Sasha share a room in the family house in the Hamptons and share the same three older sisters Emma, Quinn, and Mattie but they have never met. Ray's mom was married to Sasha's dad and they had three daughters than they got divorced and then went on to remarry and have Ray and Sasha. This summer things are changing for them and their sisters. Their interests are starting to change, they don't care about their old shared books or shell collection in their shared room anymore. Mattie is falling in love with Matt and hopes he feels the same way about her. Emma is trying to figure out how to introduce her boyfriend James to the family. Quinn wants to figure out where she comes from and where she now belongs. After Ray and Sasha start corresponding through e-mail they start to winder if there can be anything romantic between them with so much family between th two of them. I got an advanced copy of this book from

Twelve Slays of Christmas: A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery - Jacqueline Frost

When Holly White returns home to her family's Christmas tree farm to mend her broken heart, she never dreamed that she'd be helping solve a murder just 12 days before Christmas. The excitement of the Reindeer Games has the towns people excited, except those that have had a run in with Margaret Fenwick. Holly never expected to find Margaret's dead body just outside of the farm with one of her father's tree stacks used as the murder weapon, now she finds herself a prime suspect in the crime along with her parents and farm employees. Holly is determined more than ever to take the suspicion off of her and those close to her by finding the identity of the real killer. The author brings the town of Mistletoe to life as we travel around from the cafe and around the farm. The characters are fantastic and make you feel like you are visiting with old friends. I got an advanced copy of this book from and Crooked Lane Books.

Lakeside Love: An Amish Summer Novella

Lakeside Love: An Amish Summer Novella - Kathleen Fuller Esther is a plain jane type of girl who has a beautiful sister named Sarah. Judah works for the girls father on their farm and he has caught Esther's eye, but he has his eyes on Sarah who doesn't feel the same way. When englisher Rhett comes to stay on the farm and learn the amish way of life, he begins paying attention to Esther and not Sarah. As the summer days go by feelings begin to emerge and all four will find true love in their lives.