File M for Murder

File M for Murder - Miranda James Charlie Harris gets a nice surprise when his daughter, Laura comes to Athena from to fill in for a professor in the drama dept. at Athena college. He learns that her ex-boyfriend, Connor Lawton, a who's at the college as a writer-in-residence, while working on his new play helped her get the job. Charlie's not all that impressed with Connor who's just plain rude. Connor's also followed to Athena by an ex-girlfriend who thinks she's the only woman good enough for Connor. Before Connor can finish his latest play he's murdered in his apartment and Laura becomes the prime suspect. Charlie with some help from Diesel find some other viable suspects, but can they find the real killer before any of his family or friends end up like Connor.

The author makes all the characters multi dimensional which makes them seem very life like and believable as we get to read about their daily lives and how they interact with each other. The mystery didn't seem to be immediately solvable thanks to some twists and red herrings that were thrown in. I still enjoy reading about Diesel interacting with people as if he were a human being and not a cat.