The Monogram Murders

The Monogram Murders - Agatha Christie, Sophie Hannah Poirot has taken up temporary residence in a London boarding house to take a break from his new found fame. While eating in a neighborhood cafe one night Poirot meets a young woman who makes some questionable statements before dashing into the night. Upon returning to his room Poirot's fellow boarder, a young police officer whom he's become acquainted with is shaken up by a case he's working on. Three people were found murdered in a nearby hotel, the three deaths, although identical in nature seem to have nothing in common except being murdered on same day and in that hotel. Intrigued by the crimes Poirot joins the investigation which leads to a country village where the victims have something or someone in common.

This is a story worthy of Agatha Christie's Poirot It incorporates many of the Christie's favorite plot themes - village scandals, tragedies caused by gossip, red herrings and false alibis - to give Poirot's little grey cells a challenge. This story could do with some trimming down. Some scenes seem to drag on too long, some descriptions are way more detailed than they need to be leaving the reader wanting to skim the long sections so they can get to the good parts.