The Bookshop on the Corner

The Bookshop on the Corner - Jenny Colgan Nina Redmond lives in Birmingham and due to modernization finds herself out of a job when the library she works at is closed. Nina decides that with her love for books she wants to open a bookshop but she can't afford to pay for a building so she comes up with a plan to buy a big van and have a book store on wheels. She finds a van for sale in the highlands of Scotland, after buying the van and not being able to get the right permits in her home town for her mobile bookstore she makes up her mind to move to Scotland. While there she meets a lot of locals and finds herself having romantic feelings for 2 totally different men. As Nina negotiates her way through her new life she finds inside herself the person she never knew she was, while growing in confidence, as she becomes the envy of the friends she left behind in Birmingham.

This was a lovely story that's full of love, hope, and dreams. I loved all the problems that Nina has to solve to get books to the towns people who want to read. The characters are people you just can't help but like. There are misunderstandings and red herrings between some of the characters in how they really feel about each other.