Booked 4 Murder

Booked 4 Murder - J.C. Eaton Sophie “Phee” Kimball works in accounts payable for the police department in Minnesota. The only investigating she does is hunting down receipts for expense reports, but that doesn't stop her mother from assuming that she can solve the curse that is killing her fellow book club members. She begs Phee to come to Sun City West, Arizona before any more members wind up dead. Phee tries to calm her mother and put off the visit until the holidays but Harriet demands she come to Arizona immediately. After to talking to Nate, one of the local detectives she heads to Arizona, knowing he's willing to help her over the phone when she finds any clues or needs his help.

The story is well written with lots of red herrings. The story took several different twists and turns on the route to the big public reveal. This was a fun fast paced mystery with captivating characters.

I got an ARC of this book from netgalley and Kensington Publishing.