One Foot in the Grove

One Foot in the Grove - Kelly Lane After she leaves a man at the altar in Boston for the second time, Eva Knox heads home to her family’s plantation in Abundance, Georgia to regroup and soak up some Southern charm. But hiding from her woes is a more slipper situation than Eva ever imagined it would be. Most of the people in town haven’t forgiven her for leaving Buck Tanner at the altar and running away up north eighteen years ago. When a murder happens on her family’s olive farm, soon makes her the lead suspect and the sheriff investigating is none other than Eva’s former fiance Buck. With the police setting their sights on her, it’s up to Eva with some help from her sisters, Pep and Daphne to figure out who the killer is. And they will have to catch the killer rather quickly, because Eva has been picked as the killers next victim.

The sisters are each independent, witty, and unique in their own individual way. The author describes the town and people so well you can picture them both in your mind as you read the book. The mystery is well written with plenty of twists and suspects, that make the reveal of the killer a nice surprise. The only drawback I had with the book was with Eva's ongoing internal dialogues, and fantasizing that go on for far too long.