Little Beach Street Bakery

Little Beach Street Bakery - Jenny Colgan Polly’s life is in shambles: a bad relationship that has left her homeless, jobless and almost penniless. Moving away from the city and her friends to find herself is a difficult, but logical choice. Down the Cornwall coast is Polbearne a small island, that's isolated by the tides which offers the refuge and quiet that Polly needs.

A few days after moving to the island a massive storm hits the island and brings her something to focus on in the form of a baby puffin which she names Neil. Polly finds that the island is home to a community that is surviving on hard work, determination and stubbornness. Polly is tired of feeling sorry for herself and she’s at loose ends about what she should do with her life, but, refuge comes in the form of kneading and baking loaves of bread.

Soon Polly’s life becomes a mix of moments with Neil, struggling with the island’s bakery owner who happens to be her landlord, and becoming a part of the town. Polly finds herself loving her new life on the island and also falling in love with the other outsider to the island, Huckle who makes and sells honey made from his beehives.

This is an uplifting story about finding your life's passion, taking chances, working hard and summoning your courage to change who you are and what's important to you. All of the characters were written with their own form of differences which helped bring them together as a community, when some of them think that they had nothing in common.